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Does your best friend deserve a beer?


Brewed specifically for FurFrienz and your best mate, our dog beer is 100% delicious without the alcohol. 


This dog beer uses a beef bone broth for the beer’s base and added dog-friendly ingredients like carrots. This dog beer is a healthy treat for your pups gut, so they can join you for a pint. A true dog treat.


For dog consumption only - not for human consumption. This is a treat for your dog and should not replace a meal. Ensure fresh water is available.

Dog Beer

  • Each can contains 330ml. 

    165ml = 2 servings per can, though big dogs will finish the can in one go!

    Ingredients: Beef bone broth, carrots

    Nutrition: Alcohol nil, hops nil, protein .9gm, sugars 0.5gm, sodium 35mg, carbohydrate .05gm, saturated fat .1gm, fat total .1gm, energy 45kj

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