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It's OK to stick your paw up and ask questions. If you do not find the answer, send us a bark.

  • What are the coats, jumpers, tankies and jump suits made from?
    The coats, jumpers, tankies and jump suits are made from quality water repellent fleece or plain fleece. FEATURES 100% polyester Fast drying Pill resistant Durable and breathable Warm without the weight Available in water repellent or plain fleece.
  • How do I care for the coat, jumper, tankie and jump suit?
    Our water repellent coats, jumpers, tankies and jump suits are machine washable and made from 100% polyester. Follow these care instructions: Warm wash Tumble dry low Do not bleach Avoid use of fabric softeners Do not iron Do not dry clean
  • How do I put the coat, jumper, tankie and jump suit on/off?
    We've designed our coat, jumper, tankie and jump suit with you and your dog in mind by making it easy to put on and off. COAT Slip the coat over your pets head Adjust the strap length under the belly Clip the buckle Reserve the steps to remove TANKIE, JUMPER, JUMP SUIT Slip the tankie, jumper and jump suit over your pets head Gently one by one put the legs through each leg Reverse the steps to remove
  • How do I wash a snuffle mat
    Follow these steps when washing a snuffle mat: Shake the mat upside down to discard any crumbs and pieces still left amongst the strands. Soak the mat in water using mild detergent. Air dry the mat. Your mat will be good to go once fully dry.
  • How do I care for a snuffle mat?
    To maintain and care for a snuffle mat, follow these steps on a regular basis. Check the mat regularly to repair or tighten any loose strands. If the strand is too damaged to tighten, we recommend removing the strand to prevent a choking hazard. Always use dry treats with a mat. Wet food if left on the mat can spoil. Important: We recommend supervising your pet when using a snuffle mat.
  • What are the benefits of a snuffle mat?
    Many pet trainers and pawrents swear by the benefits the mat can provide their pet. Sniffing treats can be a powerful incentive to follow commands or may: Improve mental stimulation – mental health is just as important as physical exercise. As well as burning off energy, it also reduces stress and less likely to engage in destructive behaviour. Slow down fast eaters - searching for food between bites helps slow down eating and improves digestive issues. Help develop foraging skills – pets use their noses to find things. Enabling your pet to sniff and find things helps with developing foraging skills. Important: We recommend supervising your pet when using a snuffle mat.
  • What is a snuffle mat made from?
    Our snuffle mats are hand-made in New Zealand and made from: Durable rubber base approximately 30 cm x 30 cm. The strands are made from fleece.
  • What type of treats/food should I use with a snuffle mat?
    We recommend using hard treats such as kibble, or training treats. This would help with not needing to wash the snuffle mat frequently. Avoid using soft treats such as meat, fruit, and vegetables.
  • How do I use a snuffle mat?
    It's very easy to use a snuffle mat at home or on the go. Simply: Shake the mat upside down to loosen the strands. Turn the mat right side up and sprinkle your favourite furbaby dry food/treats amongst the stands. Flatten some of the strands to make it more challenging for your pup to search for the food/treats. Sit back and watch your pup get excited and have a snuffling good time. Did you know? Your pet burns as many calories in 15 minutes of using a mat as they would in an hour of walking.
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