Our onesies are great for all occasions when hanging out with mum and dad. Movie nights curled up on the coach, last minute chilly walks or going outside for a comfort  break. Our onesie tick the box on chilly and wintery days.




  • No velcro straps
  • Our onesies are made from polar fleece to keep your pet cosy warm and may be worn with a harness underneath when out and about
  • On the top is a gap for a lead to connect to a harness if required
  • The onesies have long front and back sleeves for good leg coverage
  • The open bottom and back allows for ease of bodily functions 


View our sizing page on how to measure your pet.

Pet Onesie

PriceFrom $49.00
  • Our onesies are hand-made in New Zealand and made from soft polar fleece. 

    They come in a variety of coloured panels and range in size from small. medium, large and extra large.